Tuesday, February 10, 2009

TTL update

Ok. since my friend Raiki will probably kill me if I don't show any interest in TTL, and kill me even more if we don't finish it this month, I'll be posting updates on the TTL development here. (As a co-creator of TTL I think I can do updates without his permission, but I'll still have to talk with him).
So far the entire 1/3 of the "Two Thirds Life" is done.... um... no, I don't mean half , I really mean 1/3.
This means that all the chapters up to the Black Mesa East are ready, and all that's left are some minor enhancements, and fixes we'll do after I finish the models for the movie.
Ok, since we've been delaying endlessly the release of TTL I feel obliged to give you some screens from the movie, but since I'm only in charge of the models I can only post those models here.
ok, so Here are three of them:
Barnacle:the first model I did for TTL a very long time ago.
Ichty: The element of surprise *gasp* :O

Antlion: horribly difficult to animate,I'll make a simpler model to use when he's further away from the camera.

On a side note these models have outlines which will be erased in the final stage of making TTL.

That's all for now! Check out my blog tomorrow, I'm planning to put on another update when I get back from UNI. I'll talk about a new game Idea I have, and already started working on it.

PS: I hate blogger for their stupid super narrow writing space. I've got like 400 unused pixels to the left and right!!

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  1. Good idea :]
    But don't post anything that could spoil the actual jokes, for example gif animations of models that might let you guess (though very with a lot of thinking) some of the jokes XD
    Again, good post :]
    If you wanna put some actual finished screenshots from the movie that don't spoil much, just make it pass through me first so I'll see if they can be showed. Keep the good work w00t