Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One week, One game...

...or at least something similar. I noticed that my programming vibe has been going downhill since the start of the year, and I wasn't able to do a single thing about it.
So after reading a while, browsing and thinking, I decided to start a small project on my own:
For a month, I'll make one game every week, a week being 47 working hours.
I'll have to make a game, from start to finish, in those 47 hours.
I'll try finishing one game per actual week, but since I've got classes, and most of my free time I'm spending in university (most of my free time is between classes and I live 20 KM from uni), it'll mean that it'll take around one and a half week for each game. I might post one game earlier than another but meh.... I'll see.
My hopes for this project are to create one noteworthy game that'll be fun to play, to get better at programming and game making in particular, I'm especially interested in creating a better game engine, and improving my development pipeline. All my games will be bowered by the same API/Game Engine El_Poho, Yes, I know the name sucks, and I especially know what Raiki thinks about it, well deal with it! I got used to that name, and even came to like it in my own way so I'll stick with it.
Basically what it gives me is this:
input/Event API->SDL
Graphic API->SDL+OpenGL for 3D
States API->my own creation
Particle Engine->my own creation

So it's more like a wrapper forADL and openGL than an actual game engine, but I plan on expanding it in the future. So far I plan:
-Map support
-Model support
-Sounds with openAL
-Config loading and saving
-Command line
-3D model based collisions
-2D model based collisions

Well... that's all for now.
I'll come back today afternoon to show you how is my first 7 day game coming along, with 12 hours of development.

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