Friday, February 6, 2009

Programming and stuff

Okay, Lately I've been programming more than usual (which means I've been programming at all). Funny thing is: I normally do things I shouldn't.
When I have to program (like on programming classes) I don't, I do something completely irrelevant. Now, that I should be making stuff for Two Thirds Life, which is finished in it's 80%, lacking only models and SFX which I am responsible for, I'm programming!
I must find a way to make me want to work on the models again... I mean... I want to, but some higher force is stopping me from it every time I walk to the pc to do some serious modeling and animations. Probably the fact that I'm this houses errand boy doesn't helps either. Any thing that has to be done, be it from cutting wood to burn, to getting the papers for the car or from my father's work it's me that has to do this... Yeah.. the elder sons have it rough...
But anyway. My finals are finished!!! I have whole 3 days of vacation....left..... SHIIITTTT.
I hate university more than I hated school =_=
Not only I have more responsibilities as the elder son, I also have more work to do but I have to STUDY!! Can you believe that? I've ran through the entire school almost without studying, only before finals, and now I have to study almost every day when I have classes.... I should have gone to an art class, at least that's a couple hundred formulas less...

I started modding HL2 it's pretty fun watching the effects of your work (YES! I can finally kill allies!! HAHA!). But I also learned a good handful of things I plan to bring to my own engine. i've ran into a couple of problems with my GUI system earlier and I had to scrap the whole Frames, windows and Layout Managers section. I have no Idea what was wrong with all that but meh... I'll make another one later. Right now I must focus on making the game engine a game engine, so far it's just a graphic and input/output engine.

I've made new concept art for my game few days ago:

It's a Jumper. A spider-looking biomechanic (it means it's been a biologic creature but was enhanced with technology). You'll be either fighting these or alongside these. I can't say much more because:
a) I don't want to spoil
b) I still haven't figured out the complete story and pacing, only general things.

I have two more concepts here, first it's the Poyo Adventure logo:

And If I ever make a game company (even if it's just two people) This will be it's logo:

Yup, "Cat in a Box Studio" will be the name of my yet inexistent Game Studio.
I came up with the logo on my math class (I think), I remembered one those cardboard boxes and I decided to draw one to see if I could get it right... and then I decided to stick a face on it for some reason. The face is from a cat I sometimes draw:

Ok that's all for now.
See you later!

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  1. I actually wanted to make a game/software company called Outside the Box or something of the sort :D