Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Du di dam dam

Vomits, Spewing, Dripping, Splashing, Paint, Water and anything else I can think of, was the only thing I could think of for the last few days, in my free time from rummaging through cupboards, tables, and under the beds in search of documents I was supposed to deliver LAST MONTH!
Ah well...
I'm seriously thinking of implementing some cool looking spewing in my game, but It's really hard to find any kind of graphical and especially video resources for something like that (especially if you don't want to get grossed out, and looked funny at). I could do something like that at home if I had a few buckets of paint, or tinted water, a camera, and a place to do the footage, but although 1 and 2 are available, nr 3 is in short supply.
Apart of that things aren't getting much better. My brother's return to Poland is almost certain since I can't find a job. I'm going to stay here in Portugal, living in a University condo, but I still don't know what about my sister, She could stay here if she wants it, she's the only one of us three that has any working experience, and on top of that she's a girl, which means that getting any job for her isn't as much of a problem as for me and my brother (who is still too young to have a job).
But for now let's live bad things behind. Lately I wrote a bit of a story for my game called Alternate Gravity. I already wrote 4 chapters of a book when I was younger, and a ton of unfinished comic books I gave up on, so at least when writing for this game I have some previous experience. It's shaping up pretty well so far, and I've managed to fill in some of the holes I had from when I organized everything in my mind. Now I see why design docs are so important.
normally when I create a game, I write down all the technical stuff, and create a small technical design doc, thanks to which I can easily make all of that, unfortunately I never actually created any game design doc, so even though I had the technology, and the abilities I never quite knew how to put it together. The worst mistake I do when making a game is that I don't have a final product in my mind. I can see myself playing bits of it, but I never quite know how the entire game will be, and how do I sew those separate levels into one solid gameplay.
So far I can reveal some info about Alternate Gravity (I would hope this blog end up as a gossip source for my game in the future :) ).
1-You start in a lab complex called Newton doing beta tests for an exo-suit.
2-Newton is located at an unnamed part of the world that it NOT America.
3-The gameplay will revolve much around the gravity. The entire environment inside the Newton labs will have it's gravity twisted in various ways.

I'm still working on some of the bosses for the game, and on how will the player look, but I'll probably use an older design I did for a small experimental game with similar concept.
Here's Alternate Gravity in it's experimental form:
(filefront will be used only until I can find a safer location to upload in which I have more control over the content)

Okay! It's time to finish this post and get back to work finding that stupid document I need for my father to let me off the hook (for now).
See you later!