Friday, November 28, 2008

First Post

I decided to start my own art blog in order to get better and more motivated to draw, animate and model. I'll probably also use this blog for ranting, be it about games I play, situations that happen to me or just my life.
So here's some info about me:
My real name is Mikolaj Gabriel Kuta, I was born at Ruda Slaska 31 July 1988 in Poland. I've lived there for 9 years, when my father decided to go to Portugal, where I live ever since. Unfortunately my mother died in the first few weeks we've been here when she was saving me from drowning in the Ocean.
Currently I live in Ponte de Vagos with my family, it's a small city/province, and I attend to University of Aveiro to Computer and Telemathic Engineering, so far I'm in second year, and I see myself as a game developer in the near future.
I have a friend Michal, with whom I'm making a HalfLife 2 parody/tribute animation called "Two Thirds Life 2". It's a stick animation but not like any you've seen before. Michal alone made the first TTL, and after I've seen it I wanted to be part of the project. So far my work consists on drawing and animating the models, while he works on music, timing, animating sticks and everything else. The jokes were invented by both of us, and are based mainly on the "Family Guy" humour style. If you're interested then check out these links:
Two Thirds Life 1:
Two Thirds Life 2 Trailer (Most of the models are lacking):

Apart from that I have few other projects on my own.
I'm slowly developing a game, that has been on my mind for several years (over nine years actually!), I've already created the basic game engine, but I'll have to rewrite all the code again because of many usability issues, and lack of plugin support.

Well... I guess that's it for now!
I'll leave you with a few links to places I enjoy to go: