Sunday, September 20, 2009

I love my life

It's so full of hope and joy getting crushed again and again and again....
Now everything is working, I bought the cable, I have a net connection... But I can't think of a single thing to program!! I don't want to make clones, they bore me with their lack of originality, I want to make a small game that's original and lots of fun. Or at least original! But I can't.
Whenever I sit in front of my pc with intent to make something I can't think of anything.
On top of that I discovered things aren't quite as easy as I thought at first. For once, I pay 120 Euros for the rent (which I already knew), then 170 euros for my uni (which I already new) and then 25 euros for water electricity etc... Or so I thought, I actually have to pay at least 40 euros for electricity and water and internet and gas and TV (which I don't even use) and it all accumulates into a pretty 330 Euros a month. If I get the same scholarship as last year I'll be getting 350 euros a month. which leaves 20 euros to live from per month (food,and other daily needs). So I have to look for a job. Actually I've already been on a job hunt yesterday and brought a few pamphlets with me, but it turns out that I have to have a documents which allows me to work here in portugal, funnily enough this document went missing when I sent it to DGES so I could go to university!!
Now I have to get a new one made and it can take quite some time. On tuesday I'm going to SE to ask for new one (luckily last year I needed the same document so I already have all the paperwork done to get the new one).

And if that wasn't enough a friend of my dad has my wacom in her house and she's outside the country now.

Things are going really sweet.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

PC problems

I've arrived to my new room full of hope and joy that I'm finally getting independent of my parents and that I'm going to be able to just plug my PC in and play, make games and browse internet.
First thing I noteiced after plugging my pc is that it's not quite turning on, sure the vents worked but nothing appeared on the screen, when I sat down near my pc to check what's wrong and I touched the box it jolted me! It turned out I haven't got a single socket with ground connection, and the electricity which would usually just got to the ground traveled by me if I touched the computer. So ok, I walked 3 km back and forth to buy a socked with ground, I turned off the electricity and began my work. You know... it's funny I've chosen that socked because the ground cable inside it was too short for me to be able to plug it in normally, and so I had to do some weird twists to push that cable into the socket ground.
Fortunately my pc started working and my troubles ended.
It turns out that to connect to our net adapter I must have a RJ45 cable which I don't.
So now I have a working PC but I have to buy that stupid cable to have internet access in my room.
Apart from that i discovered our apartment doesn't have a washing machine so from now on I'll have to wash my things manually... oh and I have to buy laundry detergent, dish detergent, shampoo and Q-tips and something to wipe the dust off the shelves.

On the gamedev news I'm thinking of creating a small game that's about pollination with a little twist, but I still don't know how it will work(yeah, basically I have no Ideas at all, and I'm trying to make things up as I go).

...I'm out

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I'm back, I got a room pretty close to the uni, and I still can't sleep there tonight! Only tomorrow...
anyway, I'm thinking of changing the blog name to "CatBox Beta", which incidentally is the name I plan for my future company(except the Beta) (previously I was thinking of "Cat in a Box Studio", but I decided to use a simpler name) . The reason for change is that I kinda got inspired from other gamedev blogs, and since mine isn't as much about art as the gamedev and my life I kinda think it fits, so the next post won't be posted at but on
I'll save the rest of the news for my next blog update when I'll be writing on my pc sitting ona confortable chair and not on the undersized laptop and sitting on the floor.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Going back to Portugal...

I'm short on time so I'll just leave this here:
I'm going back for permanent now, I decided to rent a room in an apartement that a few of my friends live in. See ya on tuesday.