Saturday, June 22, 2013

Working on a new game

I've been neglecting this blog for quite some time since I was thinking of moving to wordpress but without ever actually committing.

So I decided that for the time being I'll keep updating this blog with the news of the game I;m currently developing.

The end result I want is a game where the player is a dragon from the start of its life in the egg up to the end of the life. I want it to have a certain storyline but It'll be free-roaming/open world for the most part with story taking place in specific areas, one of the key focuses of the game will be the animation as I want to combine keyframed animation, IK, physics and procedural animation to have a dragon that controls great but still responds naturally to the world.

I'm developing it on my own engine since I want this to not only be a great game but I also want to learn the hard technical parts as I'm making it.

So far I have a basic resource management, a rendering system and the beginnings of a robust animation system.

Here are the video updates so far:
Update 1

Update 2
A funny bug related to my direction setting resulting in wobbling.
Update 3