Sunday, November 21, 2010

Desert Bus for Hope

Visit Desert Bus For Hope Here
Desert bus is a charity event created by LoadingReadyRun in which they play the most boring game ever created: Desert Bus.
You can see them play it live on their feed at the desertbus site by clicking on the big Live Feed Drivercam button. I really suggest you do it.
All of the donations are gonna go to the Child's Play foundation.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Small engine update

Sorry for the complete lack of updates (in case anyone reads this blog) but I've been dead busy with real life, most notably with my university and finding money to live. But never mind that.
I have made a little upgrade in my engine, namely: it now supports polygon casting.
What is poly casting you say?
Poly casting works just like ray casting except with a poly. Basically it smears a (convex) poly along a line and looking for collisions along it, giving you the time each of them (if any) happened.
In simple terms:
Let's say you have a large 16px ball that's travelling at 200 px/frame. any wall that's in between the balls' current

position and the next one is probably gonna be missed, and so the ball will glitch through them.
frame 1:

frame 2:

Using polygon casting we can prevent that as it will detect all the walls the ball went through and also record the time at which the ball entered and exit each one of them, making this perfect for fast moving objects for which a simple ray cast wouldn't be enough for.

Frame 1:

Frame 2:

Note how in the second frame the ball didn't get past the walls since it detected the collision beforehand.

Here's a video in which I show the latest updates:
3-little demo of a triangle being cast from the player to the mouse position
4-some bullets

When I get some free time I'll make a tutorial on ray and polygon casting, in the meantime I'll also update my engine to support an entity IO system which will allow the communication between various entities. It'll prove to be mighty useful when I want for example a door triggered by a button, or to make explosions at specific events.

Till next time!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Read this article

Eurogamer hosted the following article:
I think you should read it.

It shows well that in the gaming world not everything is fun and games (no pun intended).
APB wasn't on my hype list, and after seeing some gameplay I immediately recognized it wouldn't be as fun as it first sounded, but still it was made by people who love games and wanted to make a great game, which saddens me because it turned to be their demise. Even though I wasn't impressed in the game it's still hard to believe it destroyed a company and put over a hundred people on the street without jobs.

Good luck to everyone that used to work at RTW, I hope you won't give up.