Sunday, March 22, 2009

TTL2 update

Yes! finally after 5 weeks of no news I am happy to announce that I become sufficiently bored with games, and programming to get into the artistic phase. So, what does that mean? Well, it means I'll be making more TTL2 updates now as I have been working on it! So far I'm halfway through "We don't go to ravenholm" which, thank god, is one of the easier to do episodes and so it's less work for me :) .
Since Raiki allowed me not to do any static models (wardrobes, cars, airboat etc) My work progression will be much faster from now on, cine I'll only be focusing on the essential models like Aantlions, gunships and other that aren't too complex yet are fun to make, and their animations!

This update models are:
The omnipresent Fast Headcrab:
Quite simple, so far there are only two versions I've done of him. This is the second.

The annoying eye blinding Scanner:
Simple to animate, but it's one of my most complex models I've done so far.

And finally the glorious Strider:

He's quite difficult to animate, but the result is always worth it.

So here you have it. The strider on the right and the scanner were both done several years ago, when I and Raiki decided to work in a team on TTL2 for the first time.

I should have the Ravenholm chapter finished by today night, and tomorrow I start working on the highway 17 when I get back from uni. I can finally feel the inspiration flowing through my veins, And as a plus, I'll be able to show this movie in my portfolio.

Oh yeah, a little life update.
I'm currently searching for a job, so far I've sent my CV and an motivation letter to two companies, one of them is Dephos, a 3D imagery company (they do maps, gps's etc) they're looking for a student with experience in C++ and 3D graphics, so I guess I fit, and the other is a Portuguese store line where my uncle works. I'll also send my CV to another graphic company, and I hope I can put TTL2 as one of my works in my portfolio.

Well... I'll see you in a week with more TTL2 updates!

ps: I finally managed to get more writing space in blogger, it's quite usefull.