Saturday, February 28, 2009

Projects update

Okay, I decided to update this blog because it has fallen into forgetfulness recently.

First of all I'm pausing my 48 hour game project. The reason? I still don't have a collision system ready. My biggest problem I keep running into is how do I incorporate collisions into the game entities like players, projectiles or triggers?
I think I have a solution for this, so I'm currently changing the collision management code to fix it.

TTL2 (and a little life ramblings): nothing to report, I'm kind of depressed now since my dad has lost his job and now it's up to me to get one as soon as possible, but I still have to get my scholarship at the UNI to pay for the first semester, and I have to get documents for my dad, since he'll be trying to enter a orchestra here in Portugal. (but even if he starts working again it will NOT be his dream job, and the payment would be 550 Euro max).

Drawings: Hm... the funny thing about this blog is that the actual "art" section is never updated.... and apparently I'm not going to change that soon.

Life ramblings: see TTL2 paragraph.

The new TF2 update is out since Wednesday, it's cool running around with the new weapons. it's even cooler to pick up a baseball and knock someone out from 50 meters away, and enjoy the sight as he's being ripped to shreds by your teammates. Also the spy is updated... now I'm feeling kind of neutral about this one... You have the incredibly quick backstab, and now you can see the enemy stats when you're disguised, which is all awesome, but at the same time valve wrecked the backstabbing.... seriously, I remember even before the first backstab "fix" came out, it was great, you could run around backstabbing everyone. You still had a very hard time getting behind enemy lines, but once there, you were sure you could get some well deserved kills especially on those damn cowardly snipers. Then valve fixed the backstab and so the backstab range, and angle tolerance have gotten smaller. Over time we got used to it. Couple of updates later (I mean now), you are lucky you'll backstab a heavy standing right in font of you!!! he's got the biggest back, and your backstabs don't count because you are slightly to the left! So what if he's facing away from you, you're right behind him, the right backstab animation plays, he's not moving, and you hear the "tcht" which means you hit him? You're still not in those 2.5 degrees that MAKE FOR HIS FRIKKIN BACK.
So I sent a mail to Valve, hoping they'll read it in about 5 years, and fix the bug.
Oh, by the way, you can't backstab snipers that are close to wall either. Which means all that trouble that you have to go through getting near that sniper is wasted. Of course it's a lot less trouble getting behind the enemy lines now that you can see their stats, and you can recharge the cloak with ammo, so that's why I don't wine about it anymore.

eh... I don't have much more to say here... wait! I got!
Randy Pausch: it... it's very good

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