Monday, February 23, 2009

The Forest Cancelled

Yeah, that's pretty much it. I went to and went up to the IRC channel, and in the chat they asked me if the game was even fun..... no it isn't. They've helped me to reach a definitive decision, and abandon this project.
At least I've learned a few things from this:
First set the gameplay mechanics, only then think about the game itself
Don't do the graphics, and don't even think about them before you finish the mechanics.
If it's boring to play, just leave it, it's not worth it, if it's just annoying, but not boring, then there still might be hope to make it better from player input.
Everything has to be interconnected in a certain way. But at the same time robust. The game engine must work as a whole.

An a secondary note: my dad has lost his job, and he couldn't get into any new one, which means we'll have to go back to Poland because he can't sustain us here. (I just received the message as I was writing this post).
Eh.... I really would prefer to stay in cozy Portugal...

I guess this is all for now...

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