Friday, May 7, 2010

Learning GUIs and stuffs

So yeah, I decided to finally take learning a GUI seriously so I grabbed Win32 and started learning it:

Huh? What's That you say? That's got the wxWidgets logo on it? Yeah, you're right. Win32 is shite to program in by my standards so I grabbed Qt!

And so I started learning Qt. Unfortunately after one day trying to install it properly it still gave me errors about bad entry points for DLLs and shit like that so I decided to grab wxWidgets and the prebuild libs that you just instal and run (LIKE IT SHOULD ALWAYS BE WITH EVERY SDK!). But maybe it's just me that don't find the pleasure in compiling an SDK for half an hour then realizing it still won't run, and then comiling it again and again only for it to give you more and more elaborate error messages when you try to run your program.

Anyway. The point is: I'm learning to work with wxWidgets which means Soon I'll start working on Litterbox SDK per se (Level editors, animation editors, exporters, importers and converters, all with a GUI!).

There is a bad side to all of this: I'm gonna lose my scholarship for next year because of a new law that's been passed in detriment for immigrants like myself. So unless a miracle happens I'll have to quit University for at least one year and get a job, or two jobs.

If anyone has any experience with job hunting as an experienced but not yet professional programmer I would gladly hear it.

See you once I do something worth posting here like some progress on the editor.

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