Sunday, May 9, 2010

More GUI Shenanigans

Ok, so following Blecki's suggestion I decided to try out the C# with VStudio 2010 and .Net:

Wait... That isn't C# with VStudio 2010!
Oh.. right, So the installation of VStudio turned out to be quite harmful to my PC, harmful as in: Windows used to load in 20 seconds, and after the installation it took it's sweet 3 minutes every time. Neither uninstalling nor Restoring system could help, as a side effect Drag n drop also stopped working, so I decided to install windows xp again. Luckily I have 6 partitions 3 of them having the apropriate size of 20 Gigs for a windows instal. So now I'm dual booting winXP, the version I'm onright now is Service Pack 2, which I like more than my previous (SP3) which I'll reserve just for gaming.

However one good side effect came from reinstalling windows from scratch: wxWidgets wxGLCanvas works! (as you can see on the screenshot)
This is really great news, (though I kinda wish I worked with C# right now) I'll be able to finally get back on track to work with that editor!

So yeah, See you soon with another Editor update!

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