Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No net no updates

Yeah, pretty much what the title says. I've been without net for the last few days at my condo and no one apparently is doing anything to fix this.
I have some nice things going on right now when it comes to my game. First I finally thought of a map saving and loading format that is easy to read by eye and modify (it's a xml looking type thingy, with objects and arrays and whatnots).
I've been also experimenting a bit with the art style for my game, it's actually pretty difficult to come up with something that isn't a complete ripoff either of World of Goo deliciousness or Patapon simplicity. I don't really have my style that I'm happy with so I'm reduced to using other peoples styles and experimenting with them. Unfortunately I don't have the artistic skill and training in making backgrounds/level art to actually make something that looks good and this means I'm gonna have to make a lot of drawings/paintings in photoshop or inkscape before I'll do some actual in-game art.
I'm gonna post some of the experimental art here and check the reactions it gets. This means this blog's gonna be updated with random blurts of art and only occasionally with actual new game mechanics, at least until I figure a good art style.

...ok, I'm gonna stop rambling now

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