Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm probably not meant to be a game designer (will update this post with your Ideas)

Full of enthusiasm I have reached a point in which my engine is good enough to make a simple game. Collisions work, rendering works, it's easily scalable, you can add new objects into the game without any hassle and everything is just peachy.
It also means that at this points I lose all the Ideas for a game since I don't want to make a clone nor an uninspired game. A miniLD competition would work out great since right at this moment I have just finished the engine to such a state that I don't have any "illegal" code and it's still easy to make a game in it.
Yesterday when I was talking on IRC complaining about this to people who were there (and couldn't escape my complaints if they wanted to talk to other people on that channel) I had a wonderful Idea (yes, the I is capital for purpose):
You play as a cricket.
What an extraordinary Idea it is! It only lacks something minor to complete it but the foundations are already there! One of the participants in the conversation (whose name I won't mention for his own safety and not because I forgot it) told me: "what if he played musics to get magical powers or change the terrain?". Now that's what I call inspiration! The game idea still lacks something though but so far we got this:

Main character:
  -The Cricket
What he does:
  -he can jump (oh yeah, this Idea was all mine, I'm that clever)
  -plays music to get magic powers (that guy's Idea)

yeah... just a few minuscule thing are missing but I guess I can make a game out of this. Still, small details can destroy huge buildings! So I'm asking help from You, the reader, to fill in those little things like the story, setting, enemies, and the rest of the gameplay that you would want to see in this marvelous masterpiece.

I'm gonna update this space with your awesome Ideas (yes, this I is also capitalized for purpose)

To those that would want to help me here's a concept drawing of the main characters. Those that don't want to help me please don't look at it.

The Cricket:
I know he may look innocent but he's a deadly killing death machine.(I'll probably make him look more deadly in future revisions)

The Ki-Dan-Shoo:
His wrath at humankind was so powerful it opened a third eye with his hate-chakra. Also he has a scar on his eye which hints that he is evil.

What we've got so far:
Game Name:
Main character:
  -The cricket - Loyal servant of the Ki-Dan-Shoo, also he needs a name.
Secondary Characters:
  -The Ki-Dan-Shoo - a sentient blade of grass with three eyes, the third one being his chakra-eye(PsySal's Idea)
What he does:
  -he can jump (oh yeah, this Idea was all mine, I'm that clever)
  -plays music to get magic powers (Thedaian's Idea (aka That guy))
Story:(contributors: PsySal, Demize, Anonymous)
  -His master, the Ki-Dan-Shoo, who seeks revenge on humankind has ordered our main character to kill all humans. His wrath goes all the way back to his early days when he kept the crickets as pets. He raised them from eggs taking care of them every day. As he lived on he had too many crickets, so he he gave many away hoping that they would find a better place, for his horror he discovered that those unfortunate souls were used as food for Human pets. His blood boiled inside him wanting vengance! Through incredible stunts, plot twists and awesome action the fate of the humankind will be decided In Space!


  1. - he has a mentor that is a sentient blade of grass with three eyes (third one is a chakra-eye) who urges him to destroy humankind.
    - his brain is capable of quantum computation

  2. Final level is in space.

  3. Add run-cover-shoot sections.
    Add a race multiplayer in which jumping correctly and avoiding stuff is the key.