Friday, April 17, 2009

Little update.

Long time no see huh?
Well... since this blog is almost as dead as my hopes I decided to update it a little with how things are going.
First, I wanted to apologize for my continuous negligence of TTL2. I do some work every now and then but lately I have difficulties on concentrating. Even my Team Fortress 2 enthusiasm is starting to wilt. I think the obvious reason for that is my slight depression and tiredness. And me still not having a job isn't helping.
Luckily there's still one thing that keeps me sane: Alternate Gravity. So far my biggest programming project. It's a game that I plan on releasing commercially, and if it's not good enough at least I hope it'll give me a kick in the right direction. I have planned much, and much of that is being done. Right now I'm working on perfecting the lighting system, so far it works by brightening everything places that aren't in shadow, but I need something better, so I decided to try another method which consists of rendering the lights BEFORE the screen is drawn, then copy the final product to an offscreen texture, and then render that texture on top of everything simply darkening the places that are in shadow.
Apart from that I'm also working on the editor. I finally got the UNDO and REDO thing to work. but since I want the game do be easily modable I want the editor to parse the config from a file, so I can use the same editor for different projects (as far as those projects are 2D as well).

Every single time I post something on this blog I realize more and more how inappropriate and ironic the name is. Initially it was supposed to be a blog where I could upload doodles and drawings I do from time to time, but for the few past months I haven't done almost anything when it comes to art (Apart from the scarce TTL2 updates). So I was thinking of either changing the name, or go along with it and say that art is a expression of one's feelings, needs and hopes, and so even programming itself can be art!
...I'll most probably go with the second one since changing the name would be too much work :D

I also was thinking of starting a journal on where I could update my progress on alternate gravity and other programming projects and maybe even get some feedback (as opposed to this blog which no one reads ...).
Well... I have test today in about five hours and I've barely studied...
So i'll be going now and maybe soon I'll update this blog with how TTL2 is going and also I was thinking of starting a review column for both movies and games.
See you later!

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